My name is Tati though I am called “THE GREAT TATI“. How I came to be is a mystery. I was orphaned at an early age so I knew neither one of my parents; there fore I know very little of my exact origins… Only that I was lost and rescued at a very early age.

I am writing this, my autobiography, So that no one else will attempt to do so and in the process.. misinterpret the true meaning of my story.

In each new volume of the website I will tell you some of my biography. How I found my humans; how I traveled with them – as a human my self – to LONDON ENGLAND and my adventures at the REGENCY HOTEL… the first of my great travels.

Keep tuning in… I have had a wonderful life, an adventurous life; and exiting life; a life of travel both on land and on and under the sea. Little by little my story will unfold and be put in a complete series of illustrated books. Stay tuned.

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Happy Haloween! thumbnail Happy Haloween!
Douchebag The Movie Revue. thumbnail Douchebag The Movie Revue.
I saw the premier tonight at the
SHREK 4 thumbnail SHREK 4
Doggy News thumbnail Doggy News
This is my new rescue chihuahua… .MISCHA
The More Books you Read The Greater The Adventure thumbnail The More Books you Read The Greater The Adventure
The other day I came across some